Apr 30, 2010


i have dreamed of going to italy 
for a really, really long time.
i am working on making that dream a reality.
allen and i are saving and planning for a trip
to italy to celebrate our 
15 year anniversary in 2011.

on the itinerary: rome (duh),
 positano, pompeii,
florence, and venice.
just dreaming about it makes me giddy.
i am a huge fan of ancient architecture,
which could be attributed to my 2 year obsession
with greek and roman mythology as a kid. 

yeah, i know,
i was a weird kid
i was also obsessed with sharks and mummies. 
that's what happens when you
grow up with three brothers and no tv.

one of the structures that i am most
excited to see is the colosseum in rome.
in fact, my love for the colosseum was
one of my very first posts.
while doing research on italy, i came across this lovely 
print of the colosseo 
by designer cameron moll
a close up look reveals that the entire print
is made of type.
i think it is absolutely beautiful.
i may just have to order one for my home.
you can buy yours here


  1. A close friend of mine got married recently in Italy! The whole wedding party did a Fiat tour. You and your hubby should def make time for that. A-mazing. We used this company in Florence: www.500touringclub.com
    The best pizza I found on our trip was actually in a little hole in the wall place across from the Colloseum in Rome. I wish I could rewind and do the whole trip in slow mo:)

  2. erin,
    what a great suggestion! my husband would love that...
    i would love to hear about the pizza place across from the colosseum! i am sure i will be hanging out there quite a bit.

  3. i want to go to italy one day, too! My family is from Naples and Palermo, so I would love to see those cities.

  4. We stayed at a fabulous hotel about 2 blocks from the Colosseo called Hotel Capo D'Afica. Not to tell you what to do or anything, but you really should not miss Siena - the Duomo is truly the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen....on the way from Roma to Firenze. I have taken clients to Tuscany on shopping trips for the last several years and we use Siena as our base and take day trips - so many lovely villages, art, architecture and history!

  5. Maybe we'll see each other...my husband & I are planning to go for our 20-yr.-anniversary in fall of 2011. When are you going?

  6. mtrafica,
    we are *planning on being there mid to late september. our anniersary is in august, but i want the weather to be little cooler, so we want to wait until september.
    yay for you---20 years!

  7. Just found your blog..love it! My husband and I went to Italy for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2007 and it was the trip of a lifetime. 15 days we saw it all. We were as south as Positano/amalfi coast, and as north as the cinque terre and venice and then everything in between! Can't even pick a favorite because it was all wonderful..especially our stay in a converted farmhouse in tuscany (certaldo). We went Sept. 1 - 15..perfect time. summer crowds are gone and the weather was perfect!

  8. dyana365,
    i am so glad to know that you "did it all" in 15 days. we are planning on being gone about 11 days, and there are some travel forums that say "don't even bother going" to italy if you can't spend at least 4 days at each destination you want to visit. and early september is exactly when we are planning on being there, so VERY good to know that the weather was great and the crowds thin.