Apr 13, 2010


i totally 
when it comes to stripes.
i just can't.
i love them.
i think they add just the right touch of fun to any room.
they can make a  stodgy room seem hip,
and, as far as i am concerned
they can breathe life into 
even the most boring room.
of course, if you start with a room that
is already nice, and THEN add a
a dose of stripes, you get
complete yumminess.
see for yourself:
(sorry for the grainy scans!i am trying to figure
 out how to make my pictures scan better!)

goodnight stripes.
i adore you.
i am the bella to your edward.
i can not live without you.
and if i were forced to live without you,
i would fly to italy, and try to enrage 
the volturi, so that...
oh. took that one a little too far, 
didn't i?
you get the picture...

oh, and by the way,
my little man's room is almost done!


  1. I'm going to make some striped pillows after reading this post! I love the old striped wood frame in your son's room, where did you get it?

  2. I got it at the greatest store in the world...tj maxi home goods, and it was on clearance for $3!

  3. ooh, i like the way little man's room is coming along. can't wait to see it.

    lol @ the twilight reference--i love stripes too, especially on the floor.