Apr 22, 2010

a new gig

be sure to check out 

i've been added as a 
featured contributor,
and have a great post 
on using vintage embroidery 
in kids rooms.
click here to see!
* all the rooms in the post were designed by me,
so swing by and take a peek at the playroom that
i designed for my kids in house#4, as well as
a mini peek at my oldest daughters room!
oh, and be sure to click on my bio!
you may learn a thing or two about me
that you didn't already know!


  1. My sister does the same in her daughter's room. She has been collecting it even before she had her baby! Great minds think alike!

  2. 1 funky woman,
    i bet your sister has an enviable collection!

    there is just *something about knowing how many hours one little embroidery takes to complete that just melts my heart! (just like my kiddos!!)