Apr 16, 2010

fabric fun

today was a great day.

i got to spend most of it with
a dear friend of mine 
(and her adorable 9 month  old baby),
 who flew in from seattle for a family event. 
(i managed to convince her to at least 
spend ONE night at my house!)
i picked her up
at the airport yesterday, and we got to hang
out and talk until late last night,
and then spent a good 
two hours at a fabric store today.
it was positively blissful.
my friend was trying to find some
inspiration for her daughters room.
here are some of what we pulled together:
too bad my phone doesn't take the best pictures...
PLUS, some of the colors are really off because of the 
awful lighting in the store.
in "real" life, the striped fabric is more of a 
periwinkle/sail blue,
and the floral fabric is a peachy pink/salmon color.
then, we switched gears, 
and went with a green and yellow scheme:
we liked this a lot too...
the yellow floral totally has this 
retro vibe going on, 
which i thought was really cool.
then, we saw this pink/brown/acid green floral fabric,
and pulled this together:
we liked this a lot, and thought it would be 
really fun with a pop of lemon yellow somewhere...
maybe a lamp base or some piping on pillows?
but then, we spotted this orange fabric, and
were hooked
here's what we pulled together:
by the way, the other fabrics are 
chocolate brown, not black...
loved the way this looked in person...
thought it would look great with a shot of blue-
like "robins nest"
by benjamin moore on the walls,
and some more blue/aqua on trim on pillows 
or bedskirt...
and we could purchase this duvet cover:
my friend ultimately bought a few yards of the
orange, and decided she would come back and
buy some of the brown fabrics later...
and continue looking in seattle
when she gets home.
of course, i got sidetracked, and started looking for some
fabric for my "someday" house...
maybe for my master bedroom?
i totally fell in love with the striped cut velvet,
and also LOVED this graphic fabric, but when i
put them together, i just wasn't "feeling it".
i pulled this herringbone fabric in, and loved
it, but then it made the graphic fabric look too green...
i loved the way this ikat fabric looked with it,
but just wasn't ready to commit to buying it.
not yet, anyway.
i'm kinda liking the idea of recovering that
bench in the striped cut velvet,
and using the ikat for a bedskirt and
maybe roman shades?
i would love the see some 
pillows in this...
with mushroom colored walls?
and a collection of round gold mirrors 
over the headboard?
i still need to mull it over for while.
i DID buy 3 yards of the striped velvet...
(at $7 a yard, i couldn't help myself!)
i'll just have to wait and see what i 
eventually want to use it for.
i also spotted this really pretty linen, 
for 5.99 a yard!
which i thought would look great as a
shower curtain in a kids bathroom.
i would have bought some, but i am holding out
until we actually BUY a house.
i don't want to have 29 bolts of
fabric in my basement, taking up space...
i did manage to get a
picture of my friend and me...
thank goodness i am a better
designer than i am a photographer.
and her cutie-pie baby!
like i said:
good friend
who makes you laugh
awesome and cheap fabric store
good natured,
cute, chubby baby
peanut m&m's
dr.pepper/coke zero
one blissful day!

i hope your day was blissful too!


  1. going to the fabric store with a friend is a dream day. looks like Home Fabrics?

  2. yep!
    home fabrics! love that place. if they had a cafe, we would have stayed there ALL day.

  3. What a fantastic day you had with your friend - don't days like that just recharge your batteries.

  4. i really love the pink cabana stripe/floral combo!!

  5. Sound like a perfect day ! I'm loving the orange fabric.

  6. Wow, it looks like the orange and blue combo was picked just for my bedroom! I wish I could get some of that orange fabric, it's great! Looks like you had a fun day.

  7. I really like the pink and green fabrics for a baby's room. I think the clock material would be darling as an accent for a bedroom.

  8. is this from Orem or Midvale....I was just there and didn't see that orange. Love!!

  9. midvale!
    i was just there again today!