Apr 27, 2010

a touch of zebra

so, while pawing through my files, i was
kinda shocked at how many pictures i had of
rooms with a touch of zebra.
i knew i liked zebra, 
but i didn't know i liked
it THAT much.
well, apparently, i do.
take a look, and you will probably be able to tell why!
my jaw is on the floor with this room.
i am totally in love.
the mirror!
those chairs!
that desk!
those roman shades!!
if gorgeousness could cause a stroke,
i would be dead right now.
dead, i tell you...
love the ticking 
+ the zebra 
+ the bamboo blinds 
+ the rug.
 why,hello pop of orange!
you look great with zebra.
love the oversized ottoman in this brown zebra...
zebra pillows really add some drama here.
another room that has me drooling.
as you can see, zebra adds a punch to both
neutrals and bright colors, and 
plays well with nearly any pattern.
i really, really, really think i need 
two little ottomans/stools/benches 
covered with zebra.
this room is beautiful!
check out the velvet on the sofa--
it looks so yummy i want to eat it!
love the banding on the drapes.
another lovely room
made even more lovely with a touch of zebra.
i have had this one in my file f-o-r-e-v-e-r--
probably close to 8 years...
(with the striped lampshades and the zebra rug, 
how could i NOT save it?)

what do you think?
are you a zebra lover, 
or not?


  1. I've been an animal print lover 4 evah ! I think we both need some zebra benches.....

  2. Love this post!! And I love me some zebra, I have a little touch in almost every room in my house. Problem, maybe. But a good problem to have!

  3. I love the room in your last picture that you have saved for eight years. I have some pictures from magazines that I have saved for 27 years! After decorating for nearly 30 years, I love to go back every now and then to my old pics from 27 years ago and see what still looks great after the test of time. You can't go wrong with something from years ago that still floats your boat!

  4. I love it! My favorite zebra fabric is the zebra hide linen in either brown or black from Scalamandre. The texture is amazing. They actually scanned a real hide and then printed it on a beautiful pure white linen......so lovely! Zebra will always be a classic! ...and I especially love it with Chinoiserie....

  5. Oh, yeah... I finally replaced leopard...

  6. i am a zebra lover, and i love that orange table, too.