Apr 18, 2010


i have a  thing for antlers.
and skulls.
i really like them.
and not because are a big trend right now...
my dad grew up on a ranch, and
cattle were a daily part of his life.
but by the time i was old enough to remember,
the cattle-ranching
boot-wearing man 
had been replaced by my 
the journal-keeping
the only visual connection i had between the
man i knew and the man he used to be
was a pair of old dusty cowboy boots,
and a cow skull.
my dad rarely wore those boots.
i think i saw him wear them
a dozen times, my entire life. 
but that cow skull was
on proud display in our family room year after year.
images found via designlines

i have been "on the hunt" for a pair of antlers or a cow skull
for a long time. i really wanted to put some in
my little mans room...
i searched the internet, and found these

which i completely adore, but then i found a site that
had a template where i could make my own!
so i did.
stay tuned...


  1. Is that last one yours?! I want to see it in the room!


  2. oh yes, it is MINE!
    i am posting a tutorial tomorrow, and pictures of my son's room soon after that...probably tuesday!

  3. I just found your blog and am in the process of redoing my boys room as well. I have been eyeing those very same cardboard trophy mounts and almost purchased them. Needless to say I am on pins and needles to see how you made yours. Can't wait!

  4. love it! can't wait to see some pictures!

  5. Awesome take on the antler project! I love the randomness of a skull or pair of antlers. I love the sense of humor in placing a frame around some antlers too...we'll see if I can pull that off in my house somewhere.

  6. i love them too! I've been telling my hubby for years that I want him to get me a moose head.