Apr 6, 2010

living spaces: soft/feminine

i always gravitate towards  very clean, modern traditional
spaces, but as i was scanning my "living room/family room"
folder, i noticed that there were distinct themes--
while all of the pictures 
that i tore out had a clean, modern traditional feel,
some were very soft and feminine, 
while others were more masculine, eclectic, coastal or even 
leaning towards a modern country look.
here are the spaces i thought fit in that
"soft and feminine" catagory:
that cut velvet pillow is beautiful, and i
am loving the trim on the drapery panels.

while i wouldn't say that this room is
exactly "my style", i thought it was enchanting.
the color palette is just dreamy, 
and i love the mixture of the furniture.

can't you just imagine reading a book here, or eating brunch?
this is actually an ad, but the colors and textures 
always stopped me dead in my tracks, so i had to include it.
i love the look of an all-white room, but i don't think i could
ever pull it off in my own home. i love color too  much!

another stunning all-white room.

i loved how bright and cheery this room is!
and don't get me started on the sunburst mirror...
i was really intrigued by how much of this blue floral
fabric was used in this room...not something that i would
normally do, but it really works here and looks beautiful!
that antique mirror really makes this room come to life.
i just thought this one was lovely...the huge orchids
the columns, the soft curtains and the
chair and table make such a pretty vingnette.


  1. Very pretty! I can't wait to see more! :)

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  3. Beautiful rooms!! Love the comforting colors.

  4. Love seeing your inspiration photos! I peruse many magazines and yet had seen none of these. You are very consistent in your taste for soft colors, coiffured ceilings, traditional mixed with a touch of modern, and so forth. All the same things I love. Please keep posting! You're helping me hone my preferences.