Apr 5, 2010

laundry/mud rooms

i hope everyone had a wonderful easter weekend!
ours was very low-key, relaxing and fun.
i even managed to take a few naps!
ahhh...it was great.
i was also pretty busy with my scanner...
this week i will be posting 
scanned pictures
of living spaces 
(family rooms and living rooms)
but first, here are those additional 
laundry/mud rooms 
that i promised from last week:
great linoleum floors!
i would love to have a big, bright window like
this on my laundry room.
don't you love the addition of a comfortable chair
in this laundry room? i also like the open shelving and
the soft buttery tone of the walls and cabinetry.
love, love this one.

cute basket storage.

lovely tile--the colors and mixture of the soft blue
and the terra cotta is beautiful.
i love a good built-in!
this one would be perfect near the back entry.
i love the outlets for phone charging.
we added those into nearly every home
we built, as well as 2 of our personal remodels.

ahhh...love the clean, crisp look of this.
a great solution for all that loose sports equipment 
that seem to be floating around every garage in america!


  1. i would love a beautiful, functional laundry room!

  2. Great inspiration, if only I could take a few square feet from my dining room and living room, add it to my back entry and create a functional mud room!

  3. Our laundry room is so narrow. I wish I had one of those huge rooms with space for a folding surface and crafting area.