Apr 23, 2010


i am delighted by 
simple things, really.
today i am going to share something with you that
i have been in love with for the last few years.
and it's not a mirror.
or a piece of furniture
or even fabric.
(i know, you're *gasping!)
it's a tack.
but, a tack that will change your life.
for real. 
i don't throw around phrases like that 
very often, but i seriously think these 
tacks are the best. thing. ever.
ever wonder how to hang a 
grouping of pictures,
totally level, 
and equidistant from each other?
like this
(images found at elle decor)
or this?
and how much would you pay to
have those pictures stay put?
to not shift when a door is slammed,
or someone accidentally brushes by 
and knocks it off-kilter?
(is there anything more maddening?)
well, i have found the solution, my friends:
the cobra tack:
(and no, i am not getting
paid to say this, but i totally should be...)

they come in packs of 4, 6 and 8. 
and so far, i have only been 
able to find them at lowes.
for each picture, you will need two cobra tacks, 
and two of the little included screws.
they are very easy to install:
peel off the adhesive backing.
(and then look at your hands, and
realize that you are in fierce need
of a manicure...ai-yi-yi!)
 place on the corner of your frame.
pre-drill the hole for the screw
(you can skip this step. but it makes
the next step much more difficult!)
attach the small screw.
this is how it will look...
figure where you want the picture to be hung,
and press one side into the wall.
level the picture
and press the other side into the wall.
in my sons room, i used the level as a spacer in
between the pictures.
so easy!
these (on average) cost about $1 per
picture to install, but factor in the
amount of installation time saved, as well 
as the fact that you won't have to re-tweak
your pictures every week for the
rest of your life, and they are
worth every penny.
i always reccommend these to my clients,
and they always ask the same question:
"really?...and they 
don't fall off the wall?!"
if they did, they 
wouldn't be the best. thing. ever.
(ok, i don't say "duh",
but sometimes i want to.)
 happy (carefree) picture hanging!
*now, excuse me while i head out
to get a much needed manicure...


  1. Thanks for the tip! I could have used that on my 4 piece wall art in my master bath. It would have saved our walls a few holes & saved my ears from a few choice words from my husband!

  2. Great idea. Thanks for the posting.

  3. SO AWESOME! I had no idea about the cobra, so I'm so glad that you told me!!!!

  4. I've never heard of those! Thanks for the post! I'm so going to get those! I can never hang multiple pictures in the wall without putting a few 'oops' nail holes in the wall! My husband thanks you too! :)

  5. Wow. Thanks for the info. I'll look for them next time I'm at Lowes.

  6. Love those hooks... I am going to have to try those! Thanks!


  7. I can't believe those little tiny spikes hold up pictures. Although, did you say you put one in each corner (must read posts with more comprehension in the future) - maybe that is the trick. I'll have to get some of those because hanging photos in groups is a royal pain. Thanks for letting us know.

  8. WOW! that is a true revelation, I am going to get some of these for sure!


  9. Thanks for this great tip. I get grandiose ideas for wall arrangements, but I'm never happy with the results and end up with a lot of holes in my walls.

  10. I tried these today and loved them! I posted a link about your tutorial on my blog.



  11. Do you know if these would work on old plaster walls? We have to use anchors and screws for everything we put in our walls because they're so crumbly.

  12. jmckay,

    yes, they do work in plaster wall. our house #4 was a 50 year old ranch house, and it had plaster walls, and they worked beautifully there!

  13. Hi there! I am new to your blog and I am in heaven!! You have the most wonderful ideas and inspiration pictures!! I am your newest follower!

  14. Amazing! I MUST find these. Thanks for the great tip!

  15. does the wall paint peel off if you take them off..even after a looong time?

  16. dinahsaurr,
    no, the paint never peels off the wall---at least not from my experience!
    they really are WONDERFUL!

  17. Are you still able to get these? My Lowes is no longer carrying them, and I really need them for a project!!!! I love them. Do you have any other sources for them that you have found? Thanks!!

  18. I love these things too but now I cannot find them anywhere! Where to buy Cobra Tacks?!

    1. i have had the HARDEST time finding these lately! i actually talked with the people at my local lowes, and according to them , they are still available, but have to be purchased through the vendor. i am trying to get my hands on some, and when i do, i will let y'all know!