Mar 23, 2010

bath storage

i'm trying to drag out bath week.
can you tell?
there are just a few more interesting things
that i found that i wanted to share:
i loved the streamlined look of this bathroom
storage unit. sleek, modern,and roomy.
it could even be covered with a mirror for
added functionality and to blend in 
with a more traditional setting.
available at duravit

i thought this little storage unit was cute
and well designed. it is also clean, 
simple and easy on the eyes.
found at xylem


  1. I love the view in the first one especially. I think it would drive me crazy keeping a bathroom like that clean - one stray hair on the floor would show up and look terrible.

  2. Thanks for sharing this short yet useful post. I prefer the streamline storage unit because it looks clean and neat and conceals all the mess inside. And yes, to cover it with a mirror would be even better as mirrors make the room look even more spacious. The little dark brown storage unit is not too bad but if you decide to buy it, then you have to ensure all your items are always arranged neatly and carefully organized. Else, it will still be as messy as before.