Mar 16, 2010

sharing the love...giveaway style

and in this case,
"the love"
is that 
$100 anthropologie gift card.
yeah, that's right.
if i win the 
over at city cradle,
i am going to give away the
$100 anthropologie gift card
to one of my followers who has left a
comment on my party at this link!
i have really had a great time
with this blog, and i truly appreciate
all the encouragement and
comments and even the 
anonymous people who check out
my blog daily.
it wouldn't be as fun 
without YOU.
it really wouldn't be worth it
without YOU.

SO, I am going to share the love,
if i win, i am going to give the  
$100 anthropologie gift card
to YOU.
so, if you have already left a comment,
thank YOU.
you are already in the running.
(just make sure that you are a follower of my blog!)
and if you are someone who comes and
reads my blog, please become a follower,
and leave a comment here,
and you will also be in the running!
but hurry up!
we only have until 
wednesday afternoon.
click here 
to leave a comment.


  1. That party is amazing. I hope you win!

  2. i don't know why more people haven't commented--this is fab!

  3. good luck autumn! fab party ideas, as usual!!

  4. Let me first just say that I am a avid follower but never post and I think that this is a great way to start! I love the party idea and would love to see you win!

  5. I can't find the comment link on the page! :( Am I doing something wrong?