Mar 12, 2010

crazy for trellis

yeah, i totally admit it...
i love imperial trellis.
i don't even care that i have seen
it in what seems like a
trillion magazines and a
billion people's homes.
i still love it.
(but the price tag keeps me
at arms length from the
"real stuff")
(darn you kelly wearstler and schumacher!)
however, i have seem some really creative 
knock-off attempts that i just
may have to try out sometime.
the first one was kirsten's
project using freezer paper to
make fabric:
 and, then, this one... 

which i spotted at
it is the brain child of 
she made her own stencil and
painted her walls with it!

totally fabulous!
and totally do-able.
i think she did a fantastic job.
i love the way she used the pearlized paint 
for a beautiful tone on tone effect.
if i had a "real" house
right now, i swear i would be at
the hardware store 
right now getting supplies to
copy her idea.
you can get her detailed instructions here


  1. I don't think I'll ever tire of that print as well.

    Both of those ladies did any amazing job at recreating it.

    I have to say the stenciling was my favorite.

  2. um yeah--you think??? i've been wanting to do something to my entryway and i would love this, especially in a tone on tone scheme with different sheens. love this.

  3. Thanks for the project love.

    I am in love with your blog. I am off to check out more of your amazing projects/renos.

    (Also adding you to blogroll.)

  4. I agree! Very addictive! In fact, my goal was to find a very similar pattern at a much lower cost and I found some amazing fabric almost identical pattern for less than $50/yard! I might end up selling some of it soon, so check my blog occasionally.