Mar 1, 2010

design*crush: brown design

do you watch flipping out?
it is a reality show on bravo that follows
jeff lewis, a talented, narcissistic,
bossy, hilarious, condescending,
house flipper/real estate investor.
it is one of my "guilty pleasure" shows.
i get such a riot to watch. it's like
watching a really dysfunctional, hilarious, 
family and all of their craziness---only you get the 
"bonus" of seeing multi-million 
dollar houses 
getting makeovers.
kinda like 
"as the world turns" 
to me,it's like design crack.
if you have never watched it, you really 
just need to take a peek:
here's a link to a clip of an episode
on this clip, you also get to see a glimpse of 
ryan brown,
founder of brown design inc..
man, is this guy talented!
he has such amazing taste,
 and i adore his work.
it's sophisticated and layered and 
unique and gorgeous! 
sometimes, i fantasize about moving 
to l.a. and working for him.
in my other fantasies, ryan and
dale (his partner) adopt me.
i know, i know.
i'm weird.
in any case, enough blabbing.
on with the gorgeousness.
this is ryan's 
personal kitchen.
i love the cabinet fronts.

and his family room.
i think my four years of college
cost less than those window treatments!

are you dying yet?!

je t'aime.
that light fixture!
the floors!
that chair!
the tub!
i think i'm having a stoke.
sheer genius.


so, after looking at these pictures,
you are probably considering moving
to l.a. and asking ryan and dale to
adopt you, aren't you?
admit it.
well, get in line behind me!


  1. love the running commentary!

  2. I love ryan's house, it's really amazing! i love that show--zoila is hilarious and jeff & jenny are too funny. is it coming back for season 4?

  3. Yes, totally dying! Great now I hate my house, lol!

  4. What a great post and fabulous inspiration. I'm going to bookmark the page for future room redos. I also love the show, but haven't seen it for a while. Season over? Also -- still loving my iphone. I don't get as much done since I got it though.

  5. I love "Flipping Out" and Ryan Brown is amazing. I am getting in line with you. :)

  6. Jeff Lewis is the ;)

  7. I love Ryan, I loathe Jeff. The man treats people very poorly. I had to change the channel after I saw him berate his employee over the definition of "tons of brown salsa"..and she sat there and took it...Don't even get me started on his anxiety breakdown over *gasp* off white drapes instead of pure white...gave me rage blackouts !!

  8. dayka,
    i *think it is coming back for season 4---at least i really hope so!

  9. ashley,
    we can totally be chloe's older sisters! yea! anything to wake up and eat breakfast in THAT kitchen every morning...

  10. katherine,
    i know. jeff is such a *jerk! but he's so fun to watch! i can't help myself.

  11. Thanks for the reminder! I get a kick out of this show and Jeff! I'm off to program my TiVo!

  12. love Love LOVE jeff lewis!!! great pics.