Mar 18, 2010

bathroom built-ins

some great bathroom built-ins...
ranging from
vanity storage:

to full built-ins
with glass fronts:
or mirrors...
to bookcases:

the ceilings in here
are so high, but the room still retains a certain warmth.
this one is so custom.
looks like there is a ton of storage here!

loved the arch top over the built-in above.
storage beside a bathtub is
always a great idea.

and love that the towel bar is mounted
just below the sink.

i love the floors and
the arch, and the glass mosaic tile
behind the matching mirrors.

as you can see, i am really drawn to
the arch top over vanities...

love the "antique" mirror surround
on this one...

black looks great in a bath too!

sneaking out some storage in a slope...
also, venetian mirrors are like
kryptonite to me.
i love this built-in.
who wouldn't want to have all that
storage at an arms length from the throne?

doesn't this look dreamy?
lovely window seat.
love how the black welting on the cushion and
pillow add a simple sophistication.


  1. I love these looks. They are so livable and make having storage options so chic!

  2. my favorites are the 3rd and 4th. there were a few more i loved farther down, but i lost count! i thought about doing one in my master bath, but who knows when i'll get around to it . . .

  3. Gorgeous photos, and not a checkerboard floor in sight. You do have a thing for arches over the vanity - I have to agree, it is a lovely touch.