Mar 31, 2010


i loved all of the comments from yesterday!
and, i am so relieved to know that i am
not the only one who dreads doing laundry.
it is snowing outside my house today.
yes, snowing.
spring just can't get here soon enough for me.
by the end of winter...well, i'm ready for it to be the
end of winter!
snow in march 
makes me grumpy.
i'm even more grumpy considering the fact that
tomorrow is the first day of april!
i am not yet used to the trickery
that mother nature insists on playing
here in the great beehive state.
i think the claim
"the greatest snow on earth",
should be changed to the
"most persistent snow on earth",
bit alas, while the ground may be 
temporarily covered with snow (again),
i can dream about pretty green spaces elsewhere.

isn't this garden particularly lovely? if you are wanting to add some character to your garden or yard,
be sure and are looking for fence panels-click here.

ah. i think the snow is melting...
ok, maybe not, but i do feel
a little warmer.
images found at southern accents and canadian house & home


  1. gorgeous! i love lush sort of british gardens!


  2. Oh snowing at this time of year is such a bummer. I remember one year it snowed 5 times in April - I was royally annoyed. Here's hoping you have a warm sunny Easter.