Mar 19, 2010

bath floor ideas to steal

i love the way the black and white marble is integrated into
what appears to be a simple ceramic tile.
awww, c'mon.
i HAD to sneak in at least one checkerboard floor!

lovely accent to the carrara shower surround.
very nice...
ok, so i sneaked in two checkerboard floors!
love the subtlety on this one...

daring color choice, and the pattern and angle are so unexpected.
this is a really old clipping,
but i was really drawn to the herringbone effect on the edge.
an easy and fun pattern to duplicate.


  1. That last one is my favorite!!! I love it. Great pictures.

  2. By my count you snuck in 3 checkerboard floors - you really do have a thing for them, don't you? I could never, ever do the green and white tile pattern. It would make me feel whoozy. My favourite is the little tiny checkerboard tiled floor with the pedestal sink - very classy.

  3. i too have a thing for checkerboard floors and also subway tiles... such a clean and classic combo. great taste! thanks so much as always for the sweet comments over at urban flea, they really do make my day! have a great week!

    xo urban flea

  4. I love that green and white one- if you blur your eyes, it looks like chevron, I just wish the grout lines weren't so visible. Now I'm thinking about somehting like this for my guest BA. Hmm..