Mar 24, 2010

don't hate me...

but i've been holding out on you.
i've been doing some thrifting
and scavenging and shopping
and not telling you about it.
(until now, that is)
in fact, here is one of my 
recent finds:
i bought it for $40 at a local thrift store.
i actually thought that it was priced a 
little too high, but as i was standing there, 
deciding whether to buy it or not,
these images came to my mind:

oly studio's jonathan bench
(apx $1600)
room & board's portica banch

pottery barn's norrell bench
($399-no longer available)

needless to say, i snatched that bench right up.
i am planning on recovering it and
placing it at the foot of my bed, 
once we are in our new house.

if you want to see a couple 
more of my finds,
head over to visit dayka at
she has a great new feature post where
she shows off people's thrifty finds
before their big makeover.
(she calls it "trash day",
isn't that funny?)
a totally brilliant idea,
if you ask many of us
have a treasure in our garage or
closet awaiting a transformation?
plus, she shows pictures of
what the item could become--
providing fabulous inspiration!
you can check out my feature here.


  1. Great find! I can't wait to see the final product.

  2. I am super jealous of this bench! I would walk away for $40 too, but I would come back just as quickly. GREAT find, and thanks for the link up!

  3. That bench is a wicked find! Love it when luck is on your side! thanks for sharing. :)

  4. You'll be so happy that you took it home and saved it.

  5. Great find. I'm thinking you are going to have that bench for years to come so the $40 will really be worth it - it's a classic.

  6. It is ok to thrift. Matter fact. I do it quite often. But your secret is safe with us....shhhh

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  7. what a fine-looking bench! $40 seems like a steal to me. I'm always jealous of people thrift finds. all the thrift stores near me seem overpriced and super-traditional.