Mar 10, 2010


i love pewter.
i received two pewter goblets as a wedding
gift, and i still adore them. 
i have a few small serving pieces,
as well as some serving utensils in pewter, 
but i am currently obsessing over
a large serving bowl 
or a great pitcher...

love these!

love the shape of this one.
looks like something that could have been
hundreds of years ago.

available at woodbury pewter 


  1. We received pewter candlesticks for a wedding gift 29 years ago and I still love them. They never go out of style and the patina just improves with age.

  2. love the basketweave and the faux croc.

  3. I LOVE those, especially the first pitcher and the lamp. I die.

  4. I L. O. V. E. pewter. Justin and I always try to buy a special gift for our anniversaries it has become one of my favorite traditions. We try to get something nice that we can hand down to our kids.

    So, for our 4th we bought half of a set of pewter serving dishes with mother of pearl inlays. Then at Christmas that same year, we went back to Dillards, and they had the rest of the set for like 70% off, so we bought the rest.

    A few months later for our fifth anniversary and college graduation gift we went to Mexico to visit my sister who lived there at the time. She took me to a pewter factory- BIG MISTAKE! It had the MOST wonderful things for cheaper than dirt. I spent a small fortune and brought home at least another 50 lbs of pewter.

    So yes, I love pewter! But my husband might just kill me if I ever buy anymore!