Mar 8, 2010


i have thought about this picture dozens of times since i 
ripped it out of a magazine over a year ago.
i can't even remember what magazine it was.
but the image of the chair below 
was burned into my memory.
i was so happy to find it in my clippings!
it's absolute perfection.
i love that the classic shape has
been reinterpreted in metal.
and i love the way the metal remains 
feminine and delicate, but it's also
strong and masculine at the same time.
it is the design of a husband and wife team
jorge and anne-marie almada, who's
company casamidy, is based out of mexico.
here is a picture of their dining room.
i really love the metal topped table, 
(one of their designs)
and the way they have mixed
 old and new,
elegant and rustic.
the headboard is also one off their designs.
but this chair was the one 
that really made me swoon.
it's called the opera chair.
i wonder if my kids really need to go to college.
maybe we could just have 6 of these instead...
this mirror is lovely as well.
the detail work on their designs is amazing.
another picture of the metal-topped table.
a close up.
here is another shot of the headboard.
and a close-up of the detail.
isn't it magnificent?
a simple stool, but the detail and
craftsmanship send it into the
realm of art.
classic, simple forms, but the
craftsmanship and materials 
are incredible.

*i love you, mirror.
i love the way the leather 
and metal interact.
check out this table...
you know what's at the
intersection of the "x"?
what a chair!
if you want to see more,
take a look at their website...


  1. AH! I love all of these! I'm definitely bookmarking casamidy!

  2. beautiful pieces! After I saw your comment on my blog yesterday, I wandered over here, and I'm so glad I did. Seeing that you've built 2 homes & remodeled 3, I'd love to have your input once we start our building process! So glad to have found another wonderful blog! :)

  3. They do marry the harder elements and soft details so perfectly. I think that chair is lovely.