Mar 16, 2010

beautiful bathrooms

alrighty then...
welcome to 
beautiful bathroom week!
wow, that sounds so official, doesn't it?
i guess it's just my lame way of saying that
i have some really gorgeous pictures that 
i have finally scanned and will be posting 
this week. so stay tuned for more.
oh, and a big merci to all those that
that have voted for my party here.
i really appreciate it!
there are no words...
ok, maybe there are:
love the "antique" feel of the shower,
and the vanity is beautiful.
also love the grasscloth walls.
feminine and fun and clever.
i can't resist a good zebra rug...

clean and lovely.
that chaise is an interesting addition.
classic and beautiful.
so pretty. 
love the shape of the tub backsplash,
and the tub apron is so unique.

i adore the folding screen behind the tub!
and the wood floors really got me too.
and that chair...
(funny thing...
i found three separate clippings of this 
same bathroom in my files. 
at least i'm consistent, huh?!)
love, love this.
i'm always a sucker for stripes, and this
one is so striking and modern looking!

pretty, pretty.
awesome frame!
and i liked the repetition of the  quatrafoil on 
the floor tile and the wall.
love the dark, glossy tile with the white trim
and carrara marble floors! the creamy walls with the soft grey trim.
and that window is amazing.
if i had a bath like this,
i would totally stay in in it until
i turned into a prune.
belive it or not, i have had this 
picture in my file for 10 years!
impressive that it still looks great.
proof that timeless and classic design 
never goes out of style!
this one is rather "old" too,
but i loved the tone on tone black walls
against the gold framed mirror.
clean and modern with a feeling
of classic.
i just thought it would be
awesome to take a shower here...


  1. I love the beautiful bathroom pictures. I love the black and white stripes!
    I tagged you in my blog today, Happiness 101, come check me out....


  2. love the mirrors, love the first one, and the one with the cambridge tub. that glossy grey tile with the carerra lip is beautiful!

  3. That first image may be my favorite bathroom of all time. That shower is like a beautiful greenhouse. It feels clean and modern but so vintage at the same time. I'm swooning.

  4. I love that you have such a range of different styles - all gorgeous though.

  5. Stunning, simply stunning. The first two just took my breath away!!

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