Mar 22, 2010

bad news, house hunting update, and 6 things i'm sick of looking at.

how's that for a title?

so, first the bad news...
over at the city cradle, so i don't get to give away
the 100 gift card to anthropologie!
it's a sad day for all of us...
thanks again to all those that did vote for me.
you can check out the  winning party here.
house hunting update:
a few weeks ago,
my husband and i looked at a few houses
in a new development about 20 minutes away from
where we currently live. we really loved the 
look and feel of the development, but we
have ultimately decided to stay
exactly where we are.
and when i say exactly, i mean
within a few blocks.
so, our house hunting will be taking on
a more unique and 
possibly challenging spin.
we are hoping to find a house "under the radar".
we are trying to find a house that is
not officially on the market by talking with
friends and neighbors to find out if there
is anyone in the area that will be moving soon.
we are hoping this will accomplish two things:
1. it will keep us in the area we want to be.
2. it will save us some money if we can deal
directly with the homeowners.
it should be interesting,
to say the least.
and, for our last topic:
6 things i am sick of looking at:
you can't even imagine
how excited i am to get into a house 
of our own again. 
this rental house has been great. 
there are so many good things
about it, but there are also so many things
about it that drive me crazy.
here are 6 things that i am
sick of looking at:
(it was very difficult to narrow the
selection down to just 6!)
no words needed...
so ugly, it's almost cool.
blah and blech.
my eyeballs are deeply offended
by this, i'll have you know...
and double ugh.
i'm sure these were cutting
edge design in 1968. 

so there you have it.
no more ugly pictures in posts.
i promise.
i jut had to vent, ya know?


  1. It's hard to believe that those light fixtures ever made anyone happy. It's hard having to live with other people's bad taste, isn't it?

  2. That is a very interesting approach to home buying, that's for sure!

    I think your offensive items totally deserve the honor. Especially that last light fixture, there is something almost pornographic about it....ha

  3. Now -- I know that if that weren't a rental, you would do some wonderful things with those six ugly items, but it IS a rental and so you must tear your eyes away from them. Just look away!!!! Look AWAY!!!

  4. i am so glad you are all in agreement, that i am dealing with some serious ugliness here! and if this weren't a rental house, all of those items would have been ripped out and replaced within days of moving in!
    i'm trying to look away, jan, but everywhere i turn there is a new ugliness to behold!!

  5. That last light is kinda well interesting... It is better than the ones we have, at least it is interesting.....

    Good luck on the house thing. My brother in law got his house that way, they got a great deal and stayed within a block of their old house. And honestly with this volatile job market, it really could help both (seller and buyer) out, here is to manefesting the best house at the best price! by the end of April!

  6. your party was much better. her idea was good, but your was MUCH better executed in my opinion. sucks about losing my gift card! :)

    that should be quite an adventure finding your new house. i look forward to lots of projects and fabulous-ness from you! your rental seems to have a lot of a potential . . . could you end up buying that one??

  7. Is that cabinet door crooked, or I am the only one most bothered by it? Ugly light fixture is one thing, bad construction is another.
    Though now I am sitting here and counting all the bad construction in this house...and it makes me cringe.

  8. Ouch! Does the owner know how talented you are? Do you think they would take some of your recommendations for updates in a spirit of love? Hoping that you find a house to buy just as soon as possible!

  9. Drats sorry about the challenge!
    GOod luck on your house hunting, seriously can't
    wait till you move and we can watch you transform!!

  10. Hey Autumn, I just found your blog (lori found it and told me). We are curently in a equally out of date rental so I feel your pain! Good luck house hunting!