Mar 30, 2010

laundry rooms...

that almost make me want to do laundry.
do you ever have one of those,
where you have no desire to do
i'm having one right now.
i'm not sure what it is,
but the thought of sorting those
two baskets full of unmatched socks
and tackling the slowly growing
piles of laundry in my house
is making me naseated.
light headed.
sick to my stomach.
and downright cross.
i think i would be much more motivated
if i had a laundry room that looked like this:

can you imagine having a lundry room like this?
love the windows, and the soothing wall color.
is that a dash and albert rug?
retro and cool.
i actually have a strange aversion to laundry sinks,
but that old-school stainless steel one is awesome! 
love how bright and cheery this is.
the stripes are so fun!
love the color the fabric brings in,
and that rug is darling.
checkerboard + bead board.
say no more.
ahhhh---don't you just FEEL clean looking at this one?
ahh...much better.
i am almost motivated to do that laundry now!
i will be posting more images of laundry/mud rooms 
from my stash later in the week...  


  1. What?! That first laundry room is more beautiful than most kitchens (and probably cost more as well!) Gorgeous. Yes, if this was my laundry room I'd be happy to be in there doing laundry and most anything else for that matter!

  2. My gosh.. I think I'd be okay with doing laundry in any of those. And that's saying something! Girl, you are causing my inspiration files to grow exponentially! :)

  3. I love the yellow/gold striped wall.. and I could just live in that first room!

  4. They're all lovely...but wow...a window makes a difference! The second one wins for me with all the windows...and you can walk right outside on a sunny day to hang clothes on a line!
    ...yep, I'll take that any day. My laundry pile will too.

  5. Love it!!! So funny...I've been contemplating a laundry room post to hopefully motivate/inspire me to embrace my inner laundry superhero! (ha!)

    I especially love the first one!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


  6. Sigh....a girl can dream....
    Such pretty laundry rooms. My poor laundry rooms just ends up the catch all.

    That first laundry room is so similar to one I saw in a home tour last year. Of course it was in a ginormous house, but so similar I almost wondered if it was from there.

    ♥ Joy

  7. yes, yes, yes. I've been having a terrible time motivating myself to do laundry on a regular basis. I got all caught up 2 weeks ago but have let it all slip since then.

    I adore that Sarah Richarson laundry room (second one down with the striped rug). Totally my style.

  8. Yep, I'm pretty sure the first one is bigger than my kitchen. I would even wear a cute apron to do the laundry in these rooms!

  9. Laundry is my weakness, I don't like doing it! The first laundry room is pretty fantastic. I need a laundry room/office/craft room all in one, and then maybe I might get something done!

  10. I would DIE for that first laundry room! :)

  11. i love all of these, especially the last one. my dream is to have an upstairs laundry with a sink and plenty of folding and ironing space.

    haha, listen to me, "my dream" . . .

  12. i detest laundry too
    well i dont mind washing so much
    it is folding AND putting it away.
    the first one is bigger then my kitchen!
    oh to dream, but I think I would prefer the space
    in other areas, if I am dreaming.... :-)

  13. If I had a room like that I would be motivated too! To get a maid...i despise doing laundry! UGH!