Mar 15, 2010

great hardware find

as i have mentioned, for the last few weeks, i
have been trying to organize and scan
my design files. one of the pages i had
filed away, had a picture of the "large
faucet knob" on it, and so of course i
had to visit the website of the company that
made it. i was so amazed at all the 
great looking 
knobs and pulls they had! 
here are a few of
my favorites:  

this week i will be
posting scanned pictures
of bathrooms.
(really pretty bathrooms...)


  1. Ohhh the spike got me! :) Cool collection!


  2. I'll be going to look straight away... thanks for the new source for hardware.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  3. Can't wait to see the bathrooms! Inspiration files are the best! I consolidated mine into a computerized filing system last year. Feels good. :)

  4. stephanie,
    i cannot wait until my huge file box is empty!
    it WILL feel sooo good.
    it's almost embarrassing how old some of the pictures i found are...
    in my bathroom file, i found several pictures from 2000 and 2001...but what was even more surprising is that most of the pictures are still "current" looking!
    i only had to throw out s few pictures...