Mar 2, 2010

furniture file

as i was busy sorting through my magazine clippings,
i ran across a ton of pages that had 
furniture that i loved.
here are a few of them...
another great place to find all types of furniture is david they have an incredible selection of modern, streamlined furniture and accessories with great character, including the modern classics that we all love!

robert allen echo chest by ironies
me likey, me wanty.

mondrian sofa bylaneventure

this would be so fun outside!
i'm pretty sure i spied this in a photo 
of ryan browns house...
oh my goodness--
i would love to see a pair of these
in white in a little girls room.
how cute would that be?!
i'm a little obsessed 
with furniture.
can you tell?


  1. WOW. I love all of those . That shiny chest is amazing.

  2. i was just saying the same thing to someone earlier-- i love furniture. love the "ryan" table, the steel (exterior) tables, the bench, and the beautiful back on that sofa!

  3. The end tables! The end tables! Beautiful.


  4. I love all of those- especially the sofa and the end table. Thanks for sharing such inspiring ideas! I decided to give you an award:

    Have a great day!

  5. Oh interesting! I just included the turned lamp in a source list for a client, isn't it beautiful?! I see from you previous post & today's post on dining rooms that you love the trellis print...I hope it never never goes out of style and someday I may be able to afford a bit of it!! Janel

  6. your blog is just amazing! i am so glad i found you. i just spent a whole LOT of time looking thru many of your past entries. wow. your taste is just stunning! i found you thru arielle from justtherightangle blog:) cannot wait to come daily to check out your work!

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