Jan 11, 2010


i look forward to my anniversary all year.
my husband and i always get away 
together for at least one night. 
(no easy feat with three small children!)
we talk about, plan for, 
and dream about these little get-aways all year. 
for our 6th anniversary, we decided to visit
kennebunkport, maine.
it was just as lovely as we 
hoped it would be.
here are some of the pretties we found there:

i loved the rugged coast of maine.
it was truly spectacular.
(and a perfect retreat from the humid south in august!)

downtown kennebunkport:
great shopping, amazing lobster rolls,  
overflowing window boxes, gorgeous architecture...

...it was like disneyworld for adults!
or, at least for adults that love great food, 
beautiful architecture and splendid views.
yes, i just used the word "splendid".

i covet this.

even though is has been over 7 years since our visit, 
i still think about this house.
it was just so vibrant and classic and fun!
and very yellow.
but that's what i loved about it.

this house is beautiful.
i love the soft grey color, and the stone wall.

wow. i love this one.
classic, classic, classic.

what a majestic mansard roof!
sooo much detail on this house.

this one was right across from the water.
isn't it lovely?

a view of the town from across the bay.

this was a church on ocean blvd...
very near the bush-family compound.
i thought the stone work was facinating.

love the red sign and green shingles.


there's just something about lighthouses, isn't there?

here is where we stayed.

it is an old motor-lodge that has been converted into a cute hotel.

this was the view from the breakfast area.

and this was the view from our room.

we forgot to take pictures of the  inside of the room, 
so i grabbed this one off the internet.
it was very pretty...creamy white bead board with teak trim,
dark textured carpet, crisp white duvets and
locally photographed scenes printed in black and white.
to read my tripadvisor review, click here


  1. Thanks for the tour. I've never been there, but boy I'd love to go.

    ♥ Joy

  2. that last house (by the lighthouse) is to die for. beautiful town.


  3. This looks AMAZING. Hope you guys had lots of fun, and thanks for remembering to take photos to share!

  4. Back in the "80's" my sweetheart and me spent a super romantic couple of nights at the White Barn Inn which was very luxurious and so wonderful. We loved the town, the houses, the antiques, the restaurants and of course the great sex.

  5. debra,
    so glad you and your hubby *thoroughly enjoyed kennebunkport!! *wink!
    your comment made me laugh out loud!
    the white ban inn is gorgeous! my hubby and i splurged and at there one night, and it was fabulous. one of the best meals of our lives!

  6. oops...meant to say we "ATE" there...not "at" there.