Jan 7, 2010

design school projects: core part 2

this was another assignment i did for that *very critical professor.
i had that guy for way 
too many classes.
i had him for 2D design, 3D design, figure drawing,
3D drawing and one other class. most people would
take one class from him, and then do whatever it
took to avoid him for the rest of the year.
even though he was so critical and rarely gave
away anything over a B, i stuck with him.
and i'm glad i did. 
i learned a lot from him.
i learned to push my self and 
i learned to have confidence in myself.
for this assignment,
we were to express a shape in 25 different ways...
hey, remember these 
are 17 years old...

most of these were done in illustrator.

yep, those are my lips...

that's my younger brother in the middle...

want to know what rose petals kept under a layer of acetate 
look like after 17 years in storage?
well...here ya go!

so many of my projects have either gotten lost or damaged, but i 
have managed to hang onto this one. i don't know why, but it was
one of my favorite assignments. i think because of it's simple,
straightforward nature. there were so few parameters, and i
really felt like my creativity could run wild. 
i think i might frame a few of these one day and
hang them as a collection in a room somewhere.

i'm not even sure what this one was...
all i know is that i threw it away right after
i took this picture 16 years ago.

this was another of my favorite projects.
it was from my 3-D design class.
it was an excerise in "tensegrity".
basically, a structure held together 
by a carefully balanced combination
of tension and compression.
if you look closely, the only things
touching each other are the red and
black dowels. everything else is "floating".
my hands got sooo cut up from
this project! i was really sad when
i had to get rid of it.
(it took up too much valuable storage space).

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