Jan 9, 2010

design school projects: year 3

ahhh...a trip down memory lane.
i remember many things about my years as an
interior design student
but the things i remember most are:
1. fingers covered with spray mount and xacto wounds
2. staying up all night to finish a presentation
3. an intense hatred for rendering. blech.
4. dialated eyes from staring at a computer too long
5. spending obscene amounts of money on mat board, 
foam core, markers, staedler pencils, 
xacto blades, spray mount and mat-cutting fees. 
(i think i could have bought a condo 
on mauii for what i forked out on foam core alone.)
5. feeling like i LIVED in the design building.
(i ate way too many "cup o' noodles" and 
cookies from the vending machine. 
for real.
i should be long dead from an overdose of 
sodium and preservatives.)
here are two of my projects from my junior year:
be nice. 
it was the 90's.
restaurant project:

the purpose of this assignment was to create a 
restaurant, using a kitchen tool as inspiration.
i chose a wire whisk.
the board above is a collection of the preliminary
sketches and ideas for the project.
early on, i decided that i wanted the ends of the
wire whisk to be "cut", forming a more tree-like form.
as you can see below, the wire whisks 
became metal tree-like sculptures in the space.

here is the final exterior elevation,
and an interior cross section.
i hate that i didn't photograph these when they were
still "new". spray mount is pretty awesome, but after
13 years in storage, i guess it loses some of it's adhesion.

check out the scuffs on the mat board.
that's what happens when you move 9 times in 13 years.
things get a little dinged up!

the floor plan.

a rendering.
i hated doing renderings.
(just thought i'd remind you)

master bath project:
for this assignment, our professor gave us a very ODD space, 
and asked us to create a master suite with 
a walk-in closet, sitting area, a fireplace, 
a door to the outside, and a large 
bathroom with all goodies that people want 
in a master bath (two sinks, separate tub/shower,
 enclosed toilet room, as well as a fireplace near the tub.)
here's what i came up with:

i'm sure if i was given this assignment again today,
the space would look totally different!

but even though this was designed 13 years ago,
i still wouldn't mind living here today.


  1. It all sounds so familiar! Accept I have to admit, I did a lot of work at home in the "studio" that my husband and I created.

    That way I didn't have to share the light table, or listen to other peoples music and I could watch the 6 hour version of Pride and Prejudice as many times and I wanted... I still have almost every line memorized, actually it really is a great show to just "listen to".

    Although, would you hate me if I said I actually like rendering. (don't look at my quick sketches on my blog for a good example...) Maybe I will have to add some of my school projects to the blog. But I only kept one set of boards when I left... I know, I made most of the last two years digitally and had them printed out, so I didn't have to keep them.

    P.s. Where did you get your degree?

  2. i would love to see some of your school projects!
    and you are very lucky that you got to have a home studio. i worked on a few things at home, but when i was going to school, computers were sooo expensive--in fact, i still remember that my husband and i finally broke down and bought a computer during my senior year in college-we paid $3,000 for it. ugh. can you imagine? by the way, we both went to byu.

    i have never watched the full version of pride and prejudice! i loved the most recent movie...i should try renting the 6 hour version sometime. i just read the book for the first time last year.

    are the sketches i have seen on your blog your or your husbands? because they are beautiful! seriously...you should make prints and sell them. i love the look of architectural sketches, and the ones are your blog were amazing!

  3. I would love to live there, too. I think you did a great job and love the layout. I also love the whisk as inspiration.