Jan 9, 2010

design school: year 4

a lot of the projects completed during my senior year
were group projects.
this is one of the only solo projects 
i did during that final year.
we were given a space in a chicago high-rise,
and asked to lay out an apartment.
there were a ton of requirements...it had to have 
certain service areas,a maids room, 
a music room, a study,
two separate staircases, 4 bedrooms, 
and a recreation room.
and, the walls could only be 
put where a window mullion was. 
it was a challenge.
during my last year in design school, 
i got special permission to use watercolor paint for my
presentation boards, instead of the markers we were
all "supposed" to use. the watercolors gave me more
freedom to mix the colors i wanted, and i liked to 
soft result and movement it gave my final boards:

that's all folks!


  1. LOVE THIS! I love design rendering, and always wondered--do they teach you how to draw/sketch in design school, or do most people come in already knowing how?? Maybe there's hope for someone like me . . . . ????? :)

  2. dayka,
    i think some people come into design school with some drawing skills, but as you can see from the pictures of my first renderings, it can be taught! of course there is hope for you!!
    if i could do it, anyone can...i didn't even like doing it, but i learned to get pretty good at it!