Jan 27, 2010

my mailbox stinks

the rental house we are in right now has 
a few features that i like, but one thing that has been
driving me crazy is the ugly, lopsided mail box.
it is the quasimodo of mail boxes.

for real, right?
(you thought i was exaggerating, didn't you?)
it totally leans to one side, has
big dents in it, 
is falling off the post,
and the door wont stay shut.
it's a total eye sore.
i'm thinking of sending my 
landlord some pictures of a few
mail boxes i found here

these are so cute, i wish i had a wall mounted mail box:

there is some good news:
right now, our mail box is
buried in snow, so i really only have 
to look at the top 18 "of it!


  1. cute cute!
    i love that red one. but i have a generic drive=by black one.
    i must say, in my one & a half years of blogging...i've never seen a mail box post. love these ideas of yours!

  2. You should! Maybe you'll get a new one. But which one matches best with your house? The red one? The bronze one? The silver one? You should probably narrow it down to maybe 2 or 3 otherwise the landlord will probably say no way :-)



  3. slumber designs,
    yeah...i have a sneaky suspicion that replacing the mailbox is WAYYYYY down the list of priorities for my landlord. there are several BIG projects that need to be fixed INSIDE before he would ever worry about the outside.
    *sigh. i just have to keep telling myself that in a few months, i won't ever have to get mail out of that ugly, rusty, lopsided mailbox ever again!

  4. I'd take any of those mailboxes - they all are so cute. Well at least you don't have to worry about damaging your present mailbox.

  5. I replaced the mailbox at our rental house... I just went and got one at the local hardware store (before Home Depot). It cost about $18, painted it to match our dalmatian and stuck it on the post. Our mail lady loved it!