Jan 2, 2010


just thought i would share one of our
new years day traditions
with y'all...
(i'm married to a southerner, and have lived in the south for
14+ years of my adult life, so i may sling around 

the phrase "y'all" every once in a while...)
on new years day, we have an
hors d'oeuvres feast!

on the menu:
veggies w/beau monde dipping sauce
cheese ball + crackers
mini quiche lorraine in phyllo cups
sausage balls
little smokies
shrimp w/basil ponzu dipping sauce
panko-crusted baked chicken tenders
w/homemade blue cheese dressing,
celery + wing sauce
spinich artichoke dip
i was in the kitchen a lot yesterday,
but i love cooking, so it was nice.
i just wanted to
thank all of those readers 

who have 
left such thoughtful and sincere comments for me.
especially about my last post.
frankly, it was a little bit of a "stretch" for me.

but i feel and appreciate your kindness...
so, thank you!
see, i'm a rookie at this blogging whole thing...
and in real life, i am a pretty private person.
so, i have never been sure about what to 
share about my personal life.
some people advise you to keep details of your 
"real" life totally out of your blog.
other blogs seem to contain nothing but pictures and 
the most intimate details of their authors lives.
and yet it seems the blogs i am drawn to have a 
balance of the two.
so, i'm treating this blog the way 
i would treat a new friend. 
(that's YOU, whoever is reading this!)
if you want to stick around, you'll get to know me slowly...
(if that's what you want)...
if not, stick around anyway
because i have a feeling that
2010 is going to be a lot of fun... 
i need your help finding house #6
and, of course, fixing it up!
desire to inpire
listed my blog on their 
"holiday reading guide 2010"!
thanks for the mention!
you can see the post here


  1. Everything looks yummy. Happy New Year to you and your family !

  2. I thought is was a southern tradition to have blackeyed peas on New Years> ;)Love your blog I keep going back to your treyburn drive pics...trying to convince myself that somehow I can incorporate some of your design ideas into my home. I especially loved the black doors,checker entry....love love it... wondering if my man will let me get away with it.

  3. That's how I found you - Through Desire to Inspire's blog. Happy New Year from one blogger to another -

    And your New Year's Feast is my Superbowl (or BCS Championship) dinner, too!

  4. That looks beautiful! and looks like a ton of work! I love that round bowl with the band, it used to go with the plate set I have. I love them.

    Justin and I did this last year, with nothing but store bought stuff, (not as exciting!) but the best part was sitting around and watching Lost season 4 all day....

  5. Sausage Balls! My very favorite, and my ex-mother-in-law made the best ones ever, God rest her soul. You've got me hungry for transparent pie and pimento cheese sandwiches ;)

  6. I love your blog. I think the best way to approach blogging is to just be yourself!

  7. You can cook incredibly too? You know.... I'm your #1 fan! :)

  8. oh, and wldgrneyes59,
    it totally IS a southern tradition to have black eyed peas on new years...and in my hubby's family they also have some type of nasty meat that they boil. it makes the house smell like vomit. for real. it was gorss. so, i told my husband, that he could keep the tradition, but that i was NOT going to do the cooking on that one. he tried for a few years, but i think he just lost steam. so, now we just do the hors d'oeuvres and our house smells yummy, and not at all like vomit.