Jan 3, 2010

design*crush: barbara barry

barbara, barbara, barbara....
where do i begin?
i've been a fan of barbara barry for a long time.
her interiors are always soothing, sophisticated 
and easy on the eyes.
she has become an icon in the design world
and for good reason.
she was one of the first interior designers 
(at least that i know of) 
to branch out and design lines of linens/furniture/tile/dinnerware
for other companies. she has lines of furniture for baker and henredon, a line of tile for ann sacks, as well as crystal, lighting fixtures, rugs, textiles, candles, bed linens for other companies, 
as well as her own.
talk about busy.
i hope she designs *something...*anything
for target--then i might actually be able to afford it.
what a classy lady.
when i grow up, i want to look like this.
who am i kidding, right? 
i don't even look this good now.
i love that her interiors are 
deeply rooted in traditional...
but have strong themes of modern.
a soft, sophisticated palette is one of her trademarks.
love that balance of
traditional and modern.
yep, i'm a big fan.
if i were the stalker-type, 
she would definitely be 
near the top of list. 
you are one lucky lady, ms. barry...
very lucky indeed.
(insert evil laugh)
images found herehereherehere


  1. I am in love with that blue and cream living room !

  2. Oh, how true, every single word of this post!! She is amazing...

    I recently worked with a client who needed to source as many items as possible from Macy's (employee discount) and stumbled across bedding designed by her. I didn't look to see if there were more items, but perhaps this is as close to Target as it will get!


  3. oh how i love ms. barry... we featured her pretty regularly when i worked at Domino Mag, she couldn't have been more of a lady! have you smelled her candles? yum.

    xo katherine aka. urban flea :)

  4. Loving these interiors- since I love traditional (and it's a dying look)

  5. I saw bedding by her at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day....