Jan 18, 2010


i have not always been
the biggest fan of 
valentines day.
in fact, last year was the first year that i 
ever decorated for valentines day...
(and only then, because my kids begged me to)
i have no idea what i will do this year,
but here are some cute ideas i found
that i really liked:

found here

found here

found at crafty sisters

and, as a mom with 3 kids in school,
i love these ideas for fun valentines
for kids from martha stewart:

lets see...
3 kids
25 kids per class 
75 valentines!
that's a lot.
i'd better get started NOW.


  1. Your blog is amazing!! Thanks for all these great images.

  2. Love the idea with the Scrabble tiles. This brings back memories of making Valentines with my kids when they were small. Excuse me while I wipe away a tear!

  3. WOW some cool stuff, do you have the source of that gorgeous doily garland with lights? I tried the link and it went to livejournal.

  4. robyncal,
    thanks for the feedback on the link that wasn't working---i have fixed it. you should check out the blog it link to---beautiful pictures!

  5. I love the scrabble pieces so clever. I have been looking for fun valentines stuff so this is great, I love surfing for ideas!

  6. I love the first idea for a party -- and it looks pretty easy!


  7. kelly,
    i almost bought a big pack of doilies at the dollar store yesterday! it would be totally easy to pull off-and cheap to boot!