Jan 8, 2010

design school projects: year 2

these are all from my first year as
an interior design student/second year in
the design department.

i don't think i've mentioned how much
i hated doing renderings yet, have i?
i have? 
several times?
yeah, well...that's how much i hated doing them.

i literally cringe 
when i look at these.
but, what can i say?
it was difficult to do, and these were
my first attempts.
you have to start somewhere, right?

this one really got damaged in storage.
it's interesting to see this space and how i chose
to lay it out. i would do something completely different today.

i'm missing the floor plan and finish board for this one.

during my 2nd year in college, i was able to take a
furniture design class
it was by probably my favorite class in college.
i loved every second of it.

the next year, milo offered an advanced furniture design class, which i also took,
along with woodworking and upholstery (twice).

(aww...look, there i am, in all my oversized-shirt and
light wash denim glory, hacking away at some innocent
piece of furniture.)
i wish i had some of my projects from the advanced
furniture design class.
 but many of them were either on the computer, 
or sculptures, and in the process of one of our moves, they got lost.
i ended up getting to know mr. baughman a little better, 
when he asked me to be his intern.
it was my first experience with 
"real" interior design: 
meeting clients, ordering and 
measuring things 
"for real". 
it was an amazing experience.
sadly, he has since passed away.


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself.....
    Luckily I have moved enough my old boards are lost forever...thank goodness! I can still see the slimy green ground I mounted my renderings on, of one project. Mark Hampton I was NOT!

  2. Did you design and then build the furniture in the shop...or are you upholstering in the photo? I love it! I wish I could have taken a class like that!

  3. It's fun to look back on school projects once you are far, far past them and the agony of doing them and amazing to see how there are so many things you would do differently. Every now and then I dig my stuff out just to see.

    I still hate renderings though, time hasn't changed that. :)

  4. Did you design that Chair? I want to build one!

  5. candace & my first garage:
    i actually bought the chair at a thrift store, and changed the shape of the frame and then reupholstered it. you get a real appreciation for good upholstery work when you attempt it your self!

  6. I remember that chair and I coveted that chair! When you would show us the cool stuff you were learning back then I always thought, where was our guidance counselor in our school? I didn't even know you could take a class like that! To quote BC..."No one has better talent than Autumn.":) You truly do inspire!

  7. I would LOVE to take an upholstery class--so jealous!!!! :)