Jan 6, 2010

design school projects: core part 1

where i went to college, each student in the design department
(photography, interior design, graphic design, 
illustration, and industrial design)
took the same classes for 
the first year.
these were called the "core classes."
at the end of the year, each student would select the 
department they wanted to major in,
and submit their portfolio in order to be selected.
here are some of the projects that i did that first year:
the  object of this assignment was to create
six very different emotions from a "kit" of parts + a texture.
when i handed in this project, 
 my professor, 
a notoriously critical man,
asked if i had done the assignment on my "own".
gee, thanks dude.
i guess that was his way of saying i did a good job, 
because i got the highest grade in the class...
(i'm not bragging--i swear. i received
plenty of mediocre grades from
this professer as well. i just threw
those projects away a long time ago!)
(please, remember...
these are 17 years old.
it was the '90's. 
mullets were still "cool".
there was no internet.
i'm just saying...)

sorry about the glare on this one.
this is from my color theory class.
the assignment was to recreate a picture
from a magazine using gouache paints.

the magazine is on the left, my painting is on the right.
i really enjoyed this class, and had some neat projects,
but i guess they are in a landfill somewhere right now.

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  1. I graduate this spring and have spend hours and hours on Interior Design projects. I can't wait to be done but I have actually liked a lot of my projects!