Jan 19, 2010

flowers to love

more ooey-gooey valentines day stuff:

simple and pretty.

love the soft, unexpected palette 
of the peach and lavender.

give a lovely box of flowers
instead of a box of chocolates.
(i wouldn't mind getting *both.)
one feast for my eyes, 
and one for my belly!

hmmm...i think i might be 
 starting to like
valentines day.


  1. Embrace it! Valentine's Day is our favorite holiday around here. Just ask Emeline.

  2. Valentine's Day is our wedding anniversary - sort of embarrasing, but true (it was the first Saturday in reading week at University) so we do usually do something to celebrate. I have heart-shaped cake pans so I often bake a cake or brownies and we have that for dessert.

    I love the first photo you posted - I'm going to have to make that my desktop photo for the next while.