Jan 25, 2010

trash + treasure

i'm not sure if anyone else follows 
marian parsons blog,
but if you don't, 
you should be.
 right before christmas, she did a series of posts
on all the treasures she uncovered from 
her grandparents attic.
she discovered  some
amazing things.

like this...

and this.
you can check more out more of her
discoveries here here and here.

*can i just say "jealous"?*

well, recently, i was talking to
my grandmother and she told me she was 
cleaning out her attic, and had set aside a
 "box of special things" 
just for me.
i was seriously excited.
we made the hour-long drive,
and my special box was loaded
into the back of my car. 
i could hardly wait to open it!
what would be inside?!
vintage dice?
some incredible vintage fabric?
i tore into it as soon as we got home. 
what was inside?
a pretty random assortment of things...

cleaning sponges,
a blue bunny...

a giant white sweater vest,
3 turquoise nightgowns
(1 flannel, 2 polyester),

some plastic doilies,
a map, some books and empty notebooks...

a pair of green polyester gloves,
some handkerchiefs,
and 3, yes 3 pairs of used polyester socks.

vintage soap anyone?

i'm still trying to figure out exactly
why my grandma had a bike lock
in the first place...

and, my personal fave- 
an unused pair of
red knee-highs.
so, if you cannot tell, my grandma is a very
sensible and provident woman, which
are just a few of the traits that i
admire about her. so, i am
sure she figured i could put all
of those items to good use.
and, as a matter of fact, i
have used the scotch-brite pads
twice this week. not sure if i'll ever get 
around to using those nightgowns, though...
but,of course, 
there were a few
as well....

4 vintage 
embroidered handkerchiefs,

and this.

done by my grandma.
i just love the colors in it.
she told me it was her favorite.
i'm a happy girl.
the back was even signed.
thank you grandma.
i love you.


  1. Aww, it was sweet of her to think of you! Maybe you can come up with something fun to make out of those nightgowns?

    That painting is lovely

  2. kristen,
    what a great idea!
    i have actually considered taking the lace off of one of them and doing something--but you are right...maybe i could make a pillow or something from one of the nightgowns!

  3. Grandma is quite the artist !
    And who doesn't love vintage soap ?

  4. That is a riot! I am so glad there was something special in that box mixed in with the sweater vest and soap. The hankies are sweet and how special to have a painting by your gramma. Thanks for the mention! By the way, I still have more to share, I just need to snap some pics...

  5. This makes me miss my grandmas! My Grandma would have had an assortment like this for sure.

    I do have all of her pans and a lot of her old misc cooking things, and her name is signed on every one. I love seeing.

    That painting really is a treasure and those linens! We just don't have the time to make things like that now, sad!

    (are your girls young enough to play dress up? The nightgowns would be funny to play with!)

  6. so glad i finally got to see these treasures in all their glory! some of it much better than i imagined, but i'm glad to see you are making the most of the best stuff. btw, i'm not too happy that i laughed so hard that i sprayed my new mac screen with the mouth full of water i was trying to swallow!

  7. miss mustard seed,
    i cannot believe there is MORE! i can't wait for you to post pictures. i adored seeing what you found so far.

    sorry about your computer. i told it it was funny!

  8. phew - that last item made it all worthwhile. I was laughing at the strange collection of goodies she saved for you, but you really struck gold with the cute little painting.

  9. Hilarious, but so cute. That's just like something my grandma would put together and then say, "oh, you didn't like any of that? I just knew you would love that nightgown . . . hmmph." It's very cool to have the painting and also the hankerchiefs--maybe you can display them some way? The doilies might also be cool to spray paint a design onto something, somewhere down the road. I'm sending good energy your way to find good stuff to transform!! :)

  10. i got soooo tickled @ this post. i was laughing all the way through. lovely "hankies" & the painting. i can totally see myself doing the very same thing, after seeing what ms. mustard seed had displayed - hoping for the same. :)

    calling for 1 inch of snow this wknd. the stores - the bread - the milk...already g-o-n-e in the grocery stores. you know, us southerns freck out with an inch forecasted. just thought this would make you smile. :) knowing both sides to the stories - now.

  11. dayka,

    thanks for the positive vibes! *wink!

    this blessed nest,
    i miss the "mad dash" to the grocery store to stock up before a "huge" snowstorm!
    and i always thought it was so funny that southerners think that as long as they have bread and milk, everything is good. personally, i would rather have a freezer full of pizzas and a pint of haagen dazs!

  12. My grandma regularly sends me boxes of "treasures" - things she finds around her house that she thinks I might use. She wraps each item carefully in toilet paper or kleenex and then secures each with a rubber band. It takes forever to unwrap each box and then I have to be careful to look in each nook and crany of the box lest I overlook something. The adventure always makes me smile and love my grandma even more. I've gotten so many of her old hankies that I now carry them in my purse and use them myself.