Jan 7, 2010

subtle beauty

that mirror is incredible!
the sideboard, the mirror, the lamps...
even though they are all 
basically the same color
the variety of textures 
makes this so fun to look at.
and did you spot the 
beautiful transoms in the reflection?
i love all the texture and subtle colors 
in this room...it's just dreamy.
great woven seagrass rug, lovely linen
bedskirt, and the nailhead trim 
around the daybed is a great touch. 
wouldn't you want to curl up with a great book here?


  1. I love the mirror, but keep thinking of trying to clean it (feather duster maybe?) Or even better - hire some one to do it for me! Hmmmm...don't think the wallet will appreciate that!

    The nail head trim is beautiful!

    Keep up the great posting Autumn!! I love the inspiration!!

  2. Love that mirror. Looks like it could be a great project if you had a lot of starfish on hand. hmmmmmm . . . I'm a bit tempted to try and tackle it myself.

  3. dayka,

    if you do decide to tackle a mirror like this, please let me know! i would love to see pictures, and i am actually very curious to know how many starfish it would take! 200? 300? more!?
    thanks for all your sweet comments!