Jan 22, 2010

design*dilemma:rachael (part 2)

here are a few more idea for 
the breakfast room:
here are some fabrics that i thought might be fun to 
incorporate in your space:
these fabrics will coordinate with the red fabric of the
drapes in the family room (that you intend to keep),
but add some *spunk.
you could replace the breakfast room chair fabric,
and make some pillows for the family room 
with any of these.
they are all available at fabric.com.
replace the breakfast room valances with treatments
that have a more tailored look, like these:

i would suggest buying something in a 
natural/linen color, and then adding a
trim detail with red grosgrain ribbon.
it will tie in with the red in the
family room in a subtle way.

also, adding bead board to the 
breafast area will help define it, and
add character. you could paint it all white,
or, you could paint it in a slightly
darker color than your wall color
like we did in the kitchen of our last house:
either way would look great!
i love the plate collection that 
you have on the breakfast room wall
you should keep it, 
and maybe even add to it.
for additional storage, consider adding
a slim console/buffet. this will also be 
another place for you to add some fun accessories.
this buffet is only 14" deep, and should not interfere
with the breakfast area.

for the family room, 
consider painting the wall behind the 
entertainment center an accent color.
for now,this could be a nice deep red.
 a round mirror above the fireplace will
reflect light and be a great
break from all of the hard lines of the 
walls and fireplace.

placing two topiaries on either side
of the mirror will create balance and
add a dose of green.

happy decorating!


  1. I was watching Cougar Town last night and noticed a pillow fabric - it's the same as the red one on the bottom left of your fabric collage. Except on the show it was green.

  2. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us!!

  3. Again- thank you so much! I feel lucky that you did this for me and cannot thank you enough for taking the time to look it all over. You went so above and beyond and really put thought into your suggestions!
    I have my work cut out for me and will keep you updated as I work on my projects!