Jan 30, 2010

design*crush: vincent wolfe

a picture is worth a 
thousand words right?
i don't think i need too many words to
describe why i have a major design*crush 
on vincente wolfes' work.
i'll just let the 
pictures do the talking!
vincente wolfe

thank you, mr. wolfe, for making the 
world a more beautiful place.
one room at a time.

images from here

p.s. in case you didn't know, vincente wolfe has a blog,
and, he actually lets reader ask him design questions!

you can check it out here


  1. oh, they are great pics. My friend at school did her internship with him.

  2. Oh Wow! These pictures are absolutely FABULOUS! In fact, I can't even pick a favorite. Great post. Great inspiration.


  3. I'm right with you on this one!! He is beyond talented and it is really interesting to hear him talk about his work.

  4. The bedrooms!!! The bedrooms!!! I need to fall asleep in one of those bedrooms.