Jan 5, 2010

excuse me, but...

i think there's a 
leg lamp in your living room.

*cheap canvas prints*

i love a house that is
pretty and put-together, but i also love
a house that has personality.
i love it when i can tell a little bit about the person 
that lives in a home by looking at the furniture, fabrics, 
art and accessories they have selected.


most people get so hung up on worrying if things MATCH,
that they end up buying a bunch of items that are 

 and they don't LOVE a single one of them.
if you LOVE it, buy it.
that's what i say.
don't be afraid to "mix it up".
i am working with a client 
right now that
has a LEG LAMP,
in their living room.
(yes, a leg lamp...like the one from 
a christmas story) 
and you know what?
it works!
it works because they love it
they are fun, amazing people
with great senses of humor, and the leg lamp is paired
with many beautiful and quirky pieces 
that gives the room a unique beauty.
for inspiration, 
look at magazines and 
pictures on the internet.
collect pictures of rooms 
that make you *swoon*
(as in: a room that you love
a room that makes you stop and STARE,
a room that takes your breath away).
once you have a good 
collection of those rooms,
look for the common elements.
 are all the walls white?
do they all have chandeliers in them?
are they all filled with modern furniture?
do they all have a great oriental rug?
find those common elements 
and use them to build a room
 in your own home that
 makes you *swoon*.
pictures from here and here
this week, i will be posting pictures of 
my projects while i was in college.
 i need a place to 


  1. What great advice! I love your blog and think you and your husband are very talented! Do you do online consultations? I'd love to have your advice on a couple of rooms in my home.

  2. This is such a great reminder. I have been trying to figure out what to do with this house... and honestly I am a little overwhelmed at the moment.

    I need to go through my tear files!


    p.s. Totally different subject, Yes we LOVE Lost too! I need to go check when the new season comes on... I wonder what will happen! We used to have the greatest Lost viewing double date with our friends in Asheville and discuss all all our theories.... So, here is to a good season! (and no reruns!)

  3. Your client isn't in Portland OR by any chance? Our parent's neighbor has a leg lamp with a red stiletto heel. It is hilarious! Totally Portland.

  4. nella,
    i do not currently offer online design consultations, but i plan to in the coming months. if you would still like my (free) advice, please e-mail me and i will help you out. just don't tell anybody else!

    no, the client is not in the portland area, but i have heard that portland is a beautiful place!