Aug 9, 2010

golden bamboo

i found this frame for $4 at a thrift store a while back.
i was attracted to the square shape and the golden bamboo finish.
the finish is a little worn, but that can be solved with some
gold leaf or spray paint. 
i would love to get a nice burlap or linen
mat cut to fit a small (probably 5 x 5)
black and white photograph.
i adore the look of bamboo furniture,
and loved this whole collection...

i love the way these photos have been styled, with
 the newpaper-covered wall. 
the contrast between the delicate,
metallic furniture and the 
newspaper is so intriguing to me.
i love antiqued mirrors!
they are so...mysterious.

 available at mermaid hut


  1. gold bamboo = my favorite thing since pb + j sandwhiches. :)

  2. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this look! I just saw a piece in Horchow (candle lantern) that I could have gotten for a fraction of the price awhile ago during a clearance sale at Calico Corners, I'm kicking myself!!

  3. I have golden bamboo earring hoops that I love. I love that the look is starting to pop up in decor.