Aug 1, 2010

grey + white kitchens

i've been spotting some really 
beautiful grey + white kitchens 

i love this look!
balanced with a little bit of wood, some metal and some
interesting textures in the form of natural fiber blinds or a great rug,
a grey + white kitchen beautifully
 balances that line between 
classic and modern.

images found via nest egg, the lettered cottage,
 urban grace interiors and the kitchn

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  1. I'm loving this color combo recently - especially the darker charcoal color with marble.

  2. Love these kitchens- I agree with Marcy (above)- the darker charcoal color is beautiful.

  3. me too! Grey is the new black/brown.

  4. Love your blog. Thought you should know.

    Carry on.

  5. YES, loving the gray kitchens I'm seeing. If I had a second one this is what I would do with it!! :)

  6. Funny! We were just actually meeting with a kitchen designer (yay!) and our choice is to do a "portabello" color cabinet and have our island a different color...i'm having trouble deciding on what color that should be though...I love the yellow island that sarah richardson did in the latest season of sarah's house but i'm afraid that might be too trendy! Decisions, decisions!

  7. these are beautiful! thanks for showing us the possibilities

    appreciate you posting about my contest - thank you :)

  8. oh wow I love the upper area of that first one. Makes me wish I saw it before doing my own kitchen. And the floors of the third one ... oh lottery ticket god .. please send some nice things my way so I can be happy with what I have.