Aug 25, 2010

anthropologie wallpaper

the wallpaper that i used for the
is back in stock at anthopologie.
here's a look at how it looks in the space...
didn't the installer do a great job with the ceiling register?
please excuse the camera-phone pictures...
i'm hoping to get some better shots of this space.
(it's 2000 miles away, so i either have to
fly there, or hire a photographer.
not sure which route to go yet!)


  1. O wow! I LOVE it all. The colors and everything are fabulous. This makes me want to buy wallpaper for an accent wall. Hmmmmmm

  2. Holy Cow Autumn! I was just nosing around and to my wonderful surprise I came across your blog!!! You've been a busy girl since graduating from the "Y". Sooo great to see your work! Our professors would be proud:) You and your hubby are an awesome team (so jealous, why did mine go to law school?)I covet your mad skills. How long have you been in SLC? I'll have to look you up sometime we're there. Keep up the good work! Take care.

  3. That is fabulous, love all the attention ceilings are getting these days! And not bad photos for a phone! Janell

  4. ack... i'm obsessed with that wallpaper!!!! now to go look at the price! eek... scared to do that. but i need some of that paper in my stairwell, asap!!! ha ha! great job, even with the phone photos. :)

  5. OMG I need to see more ASAP! I've been dying for this reveal for a while!!!! I LOOOVE the wallpaper on the ceiling! FAB! Great job so far!