Aug 13, 2010

great fabric source

if you are looking for a great fabric source,
try one of my favorites--
my first purchase from fabric guru was over 8 years
ago, when they were mostly selling on ebay.
they still sell on ebay, 
but also have a wonderful online store.
my favorite things about fabric guru are:
they have an always revolving inventory
of designer fabrics (like schumacher, vervain,
stoheim & roman, beacon hill and many others)at discount prices.
to me, they are like the 
tj maxx of the fabric world.

they also sell samples of their by the yard fabrics for $1.00!
they ship any amount of fabric for $5.00.
what's not to love?
here's a sample of what you will find:

like this schumacher decorators walk
fabric for 9.95 a yard...

this p. kaufmann batik print for 6.95 a yard,

this goemetric fabric for 5.95 a yard...

 or this kravet upholstery tapestry for 9.95 a yard

this gorgeous stripe is only 2.95 a yard!

and you can't go wrong with 
this pintucked taffeta for only 3.95 a yard!

no, i'm not getting paid to say this.
i just love this store, and i think you will too.

happy shopping!


  1. I saw your foyer on design mom today and had to visit. Now I'm hooked. I have been clicking around and so far your breakfast room and Lego party are my favorites. I am excited to see what you work on next!

  2. So glad I somehow found myself on your blog--LOVE this post, perfect timing as I've been searching for a fabric w/ a geometric print for months in those colors and at that cost, who can resist!?! You are now bookmarked ;) Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the source! You had me hooked at "TJ Maxx of the fabric world"!
    Going to check them out now!

  4. I've also ordered from Fabric Guru. They have great prices! Have a great weekend Autumn : )

  5. Thanks for sharing Autumn! I'm always looking for great fabric deals! As you know, I have some alternative Imperial Trellis fabric for sale! So, I'm a sucker for designer fabric at great prices...Can't wait to see what I can find from Fabric Guru!


  6. Just a couple weeks ago I was trying to find a good online fabric store for a little craft project I was going to try and attempt to do and voila!, you posted this. Thanks. :)