Aug 23, 2010

master bath remodel: a peek

a few month ago, my husband and i 
teamed up to remodel this bathroom:
the homeowners loved the natural light in the bath,
but desperately need more storage.
they wanted to keep the bath open to the master bedroom,
and wanted to eliminate the tub.

i'm still working on the final "after" photos,
but here is a quick peek at the new bath...

i should have photos up by early next week!


  1. I can't wait to see what you've done with it! I like the sneak peek!


  2. Hi Auntie! I'm crazy huh! Hope you are doing great! Can't wait to see what you've done with this bathroom! It is the exact floor plan of a house we almost bought here and I was baffled on what to do with it! Must chat soon!:)

  3. Love the hand statue. Nothing like a little positive reinforcement looking into the mirror every morning!

  4. geez what a tease! i want to see it now! looks like it will be awesome!

  5. Love the dark cabinetry I see, very curious what you have done! I am always intrigued by this layout, having the bath open to the bedroom. Reveal soon, please! Janell

  6. oh, you're such a tease;) cant wait to see all the rest of the photos.

  7. Looking forward to it. Recently discovered your blog and am loving your style.