Aug 19, 2010

white kitchens: always classic

as promised...
part of the white kitchen stash:
(notice as you look through
these images how often you see 
wood floors paired with the white cabinetry.
adding wood is a great way to inject warmth and
texture into a white kitchen!)
it doesn't get more classic 
than this white kitchen.
love the arch, the floors,
the huge window, and 
aren't the shelves in the left great?
beadboard always looks great in a kitchen.
this grey/blue island really looks fab with the 
white walls and cabinets.
i love, love, love the
transoms over the breakfast room windows!
great light fixtures really add some zing here.
and i heart the coffered ceiling.
* love the detail on the transom windows!
and all that light is divine!
i really liked this soft olive colored tile paired
with the white cabinets and wood floors.
another view of the kitchen above.
love the stainless countertops 
with the marble island!
pretty sink!
simple and classic.
great detail around the sink,
and i love that backsplash and 
vintage looking fixture!
i love the surprise of a painting above the hood.
unexpected and fun!
white on top, red on bottom.
this look is prefect in a country kitchen

the high ceiling in here is beautiful!
and i love that they wrapped the crown molding
around the top of the cabinets.
and, on a side note:
i have several posts on white kitchens i will be *dumping 
in the next several days,
and i *almost named this one "kitchen dump #1".
i'm glad i didn't...
didn't quite have the appeal i was looking for!
p.s. we just got back from our first ever
family camping trip. it was a blast.
despite the rain.
but, man, is it ever a load of work!


  1. White kitchens are my favorite. Thanks for all the detailed inspiration!

  2. The kitchen with the transom windows is simple amazing...I just love homes with an abundance of millwork and windows letting tons of light in. Wow...stop showing so many inspiring spaces, I'm not supposed to want to move for quite awhile! Janell

  3. Do you have any kitchens where the ceilings are normal height? My favorites always have walls of windows and 10 to 12 ft ceilings, which I can't duplicate. Thanks Ann

  4. I love white kitchens and that last image is one of my favorites. I actually loved that whole house.

  5. all of these are beautiful.

    my fave is the kitchen with the transom windows as well. i also LOVE how those french doors below the transom window are sliding glass doors. i *heart* french doors, but let's face it - sometime there's not enough room to have the doors swing wide open. those sliding doors are a nice surprise!

    hope you are well!

    happy friday & weekend.

  6. Thanks for the great post!!! So much inspiration here! My husband going to kill me but I may have changed my mind from tile floors to wood floors!

  7. white kitchens are so nice and airy. mine is totally opposite, dark cherry cabinets, black counters, but i love these images!

  8. I love white kitchens - just painted mine white on the uppers and gray on the lower cabinets. I love the photos you have collected.

  9. Hi - do you know the source of the first kitchen you posted?! I have loved it for years (and years!) and am trying to track down where it came from! I remember more of this house was featured in the original magazine article and I'm dying to see the rest of the house! Hoping finding the original source will lead me there...

    Thanks so much!!

    1. i dont! i am so sorry. this image is from a stash of pictures that i collected for years before i scanned them and published them to my blog!