Aug 30, 2010

master bath-after

here's what we did:
the tub was removed, 
and the angled wall was straightened to 
accommodate a larger shower. 
a larger, custom made vanity was installed with new
fixtures and marble countertops.
storage benches now occupy the space where 
the unwanted bathtub once was.
(terry cloth cushions will eventually sit on the built-in benches)
a beautiful storage tower was installed where the
shower once stood. a new door adds 
privacy to the toilet closet.
the new shower is much larger than the old one.
(and a lot prettier!)
a new cased opening, complete with a custom designed 
stained glass transom
separates the bathroom from the bedroom, and maintains the
open feeling the homeowners wanted.

the simple marble countertops tie in with the travertine floor
and keeps the color palette soothing.
the front edge of the countertops have an "ogee" edge,and the back and sides have an "eased" edge.
all fixtures are from the victorian collection by delta.

the pottery barn lights have already tarnished beautifully.
(sadly, they are no longer available)
a glimpse of the chandelier that we used over the toilet.
aren't the shadows fabulous?
a close up of the custom made vanity.
hardware is from restoration hardware.
small subway tiles in a dark  brown marble
were used on the floor and as an accent.
new lighting highlights the great texture of the tile walls.
we ripped 12 x 12 tiles in half  to create the 6 x 12 tiles on the
bottom of the shower. the top tiles were placed at a 45 degree angle.
simple, subtle changes like this really add a lot to a bathroom!

a peek at the storage tower i designed.
i love the way it turned out!
the adjustable shelves and drawer add a ton of storage to this
once formerly storage-starved bathroom.
the bottom drawer is a hamper for dirty laundry.
the closet door (now a pocket door) was relocated to the bedroom. 
(just to the left of the hanging plate)
as i was talking to the homeowner about a door for the toilet closet,
she mentioned that she loved the look of old out house doors.
we took her idea, and designed a refined yet slightly rustic swinging 
saloon-style "outhouse" door that is now a fun conversation piece!
isn't it great?
i love it when a homeowners personality and ideas
are reflected in a finished space. 
the chandelier is from z gallerie.
a peek at incredible amount of storage in the built-in benches!
the homeowners are thrilled with the new view from 
their master bedroom...
and the view from the windows is pretty fabulous too!

this bathroom was such a fun project. the homeowners
were totally open to suggestions, and yet had a clear vision
of what they wanted. allen and i went through several layouts before we settled on the final floor plan, and i think the plan
we came up with was the best solution for what the homeowners
wanted. as with all designs, things were changed/left out due to budget reasons. for instance: we had originally planned on tiling the entire toilet closet in glass tiles, two matching venetian mirrors for the vanity were replaced with a more budget friendly large, simple mirror, and i had proposed the floor to have a pattern with the travertine and the dark marble. even with all of the changes, i think the bathroom turned out great, and the homeowners are happy.
as a designer, what more could i ask for?

woven blinds from lowes
all cabinetry custom built 


  1. Wow! What an amazing transformation!!!!!!!!

  2. This is seriously stunning! You and your husband do amazing work together and your love for it shows!

  3. I honestly thought, "How is she going to transform that mess of a bathroom?" You did it so elegantly. Hard to belive it's the same space!

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  5. What an incredible makeover, the chandelier and the rustic outhouse door are such a fun mix. I am envious of how well you work with your husband, good work!

  6. WOW! what a transformation! that shower is amazing and the light fixtures above the sinks are lovely. i've never seen such a fancy chandelier for above the toilet, love it!

  7. Just beautiful. I love the chandie over the potty. Great idea with the storage bench.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    ♥ Joy

  8. FAB-U-LOUS!!! This turned out great! I'm totally impressed as usual!:)

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  10. This is really beautiful and well thought out, love the mix of light stone and darker cabinetry. I adore those PB fixtures, the tarnish is really beautiful, what a shame they are no longer available. I have always been intrigued with bathrooms that open directly to the bedroom. The homeowners must get up at the same time! This solution would not work for me, but I see it's advantages. Janell

  11. The transformation is stunning! The storage benches are an inspired idea & look so effective.


  12. Fab-u-lous. I'm so coveting the amount of storage space you have in your bathroom.

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  15. a house and home,

    the hand statue belongs to the homeowners! sorry, i am not sure where they bought it...but isn't it great?

    and thanks for all the great comments everyone!

  16. You did a fantastic job! Beautiful. I love the storage bins! I wish I had that much storage.

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    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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