Aug 23, 2010

white kitchen + wood countertops

one trend i have been seeing a lot of lately is
wood countertops in kitchens, 
a look that i personally adore. 
i love a dose of wood in a kitchen, and i think
it works equally well on floors and on countertops.
they look especially at home in a white kitchen.
examine the evidence:

 softer countertops, like soapstone and wood
will acquire a wonderful patina 
over the years. 
yes, they will get dinged,
and scratched and dented, 
but that's all part of the charm!
(plus, all the little dents and scratches will
hopefully have a fun memory attached to them!


  1. Love wood countertops and think they work especially well in kitchens with tile or stone floors. I am mentioning you in my post tomorrow, you gave me a cute idea in one of your comments, and I gave it a try. Hint: kid's chalkboard in their bathroom...thanks! Janell

  2. Beautiful. I like the look of wood so much more than stone--adds warmth. Great images!

  3. I love the warmth that wood brings to a room, it looks especially good on an island bench, making it a real feature. I really would struggle with the kids denting & scratching it tho, crazy I know!!!