Aug 5, 2010

magazine deals

design magazines are a fabulous source of inspiration, 
and for years,
my home has had a steady and shifting inventory of them.
i just think i can never have too many.
(much to my husbands dismay)
i love to curl up with a few magazines and
get lost in their glossy, beautiful yumminess.
on the second or third look-through,
i start to tear out my favorite images.
of course the internet has changed that a little bit.
now, i know that i  can usually find a digital image
 of my favorite pictures,
but i still love that thrill when 
i open the mailbox 
and find a pretty cover staring back at me.
well, this week, i
added three more magazines to 
my already long list of subscriptions.
and i did it because i couldn't pass
up on what a great deal they were!

i was able to score a one year subscription to
for $11.97,

for 4.97,

for $12
(no, i don't speak spanish.
i'm just in it for the pretty pictures.)
how did i get such great deals?
right now, is offering 
$5 off their magazine subscriptions!
(just type "deekins5" in the 
promotion code area when checking out)
here are some more magazines available:

yay for cheap magazines!


  1. yay!! I lirve when my Southern living comes every month - and I got it for a STEAL!!!! But, Alas, I am on a strict mag budget so thank you thank you Autumn for sharing the forbidden glossy pics to expand my design horizons :)

  2. Great tip! I love my magazines, too! Will check these out...there is always room for one more (or some more)!

  3. thanks for the tips, autumn! headed there now!

  4. My two favorites....a great mag and a great deal! I'll be getting a couple for myself too! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Love love love magazines, gets tons of inspiration from them!
    I live in Quebec, Canada. Although I don't speak french still buy the's all about the pictures!
    French magazines I love are Decormag and Les idees de ma maison.