Aug 3, 2010

knoxville knockouts

most cities have "that" neighborhood that 
everyone wants to live in. 

you know the ones i'm talking about...
 beautiful tree-lined streets littered with historic homes usually 
just a stones throw from a thriving downtown area.
it's where slate roofs 
and beautiful classic architecture 
meet winding driveways on 
large wooded lots.
in charlotte, it's meyers park.
in atlanta, it's buckhead.
in salt lake it's federal heights.
and in knoxville,tennessee it's sequoyah hills.

while sorting through some of my pictures this weekend,
i came across a few shots that i had taken of two beautiful homes
in the sequoyah hills area of knoxville.
isn't this one gorgeous?
allen and i love to drive around "older"
neighborhoods and take pictures of houses for inspiration.
the classic lines and forms on most older homes
are so beautiful. 
i love how the roof, the stucco, the rocks and the shutters
are all about the same muted grey color. 
oh, and the rock wall and steps are yummy.
the slate roof is killin' me.
for real. killin' me.

well made shutters!
this house is classic architecture at it best.
i love the symmetry, and the proportions are prefect.
i would love to sit in that sunroom 
and read and...
oh, who am i kidding?
i really just want to take a nap there!
this entry is so simple and elegant,
 and i love all of the details on the door surround.

speaking of details, 
the details on this frieze are incredible.

here are some more sequoyah hills beauties...

these are the type of homes that really make me *sigh.
i love me a well-built house.


  1. I am with you, a well designed and built house takes my breath away ~ adore the first home shown, this would be my dream home, the massive stone chimney, the curves above the windows...and yes the shutters. Janell

  2. You've shown some pretty amazing homes! I love older neighborhoods too. Meyers Park in Charlotte has so many gorgeous homes with beautiful massive oak trees!

  3. yep! those are real beauties for sure, here in houston I like the houses that are across the street from Rice University

  4. I love that area of Knoxville (I grew up in Alcoa). LOVE those older homes - such style and such a sense of "presence." Nothing cookie-cutter about them.

  5. trish! i didn't know you grew up in alcoa! my husbands building office was in maryville, so i was in that neck o' the woods every week.

  6. that sunroom is breathtaking, and a lot of these houses remind me of the druid hills area over by emory. i would LOVE to live there!

  7. yeah, i know the "area" you're talking about. we have a couple. these houses are beautiful!

  8. Love the houses. I've never been to Knoxville but Meyers Park does have some beauties. You've just given me more inspiration, which I am not sure is a good thing! We are beginning the process of designing a house and need to make some decisions about where to start...I think your photos prove that any style followed through consistently and with detail is beautiful.

  9. I absolutely love these homes. Thank You for sharing~!